Dated Vs. Undated Planner: Which Is Right For Me?

Trying to determine which planner date format is right for you? This post will compare our two planners (dated vs. undated), to help you make the best decision for you.

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Dated vs. Undated Planner

Would you like more freedom and flexibility in your schedule?

The Dated Organized Mom Planner features focus cleaning tasks that take all of the daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly cleaning tasks needed to maintain your home and divides them up into a smart schedule that you can manage in about 15 minutes a day.

I developed this smart schedule so you can avoid feeling overwhelmed, not knowing where to even start, or focus your energy on each day.

But if you’d rather have more freedom to write in your cleaning tasks and to-dos each day, I’d recommend the Undated Organized Mom Planner.

The Undated OMP features blank spots for the dates, to-dos, and cleaning tasks each day so you can write in a schedule that works for you!

Do you prefer dates to be filled in for you?

If you prefer the dates on your weekly and monthly templates to be filled in for you, including holidays, I would recommend the Dated Organized Mom Planner.

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If you prefer to write in the dates and holidays yourself, the Undated OMP is a better fit for you.

Writing the dates takes a few minutes, but some people prefer and enjoy writing them themselves.

A big plus to purchasing the Undated OMP is that you can use it year after year!

Do you need a spot for extra custom pages?

A new feature of the dated OMP is a custom lifestyle section that includes additional hyperlinked sections with an Index page so you can add more pages, templates, notes, and whatever else you would like in your planner.

The Dated OMP also features a blank page at the end of each lifestyle tab (like Budgeting, Meal Planning, etc.) so you can add in future inserts and pages as we release them in our shop.

Do you love digital stickers?

Both planners come with a set of 50+ digital stickers that are color-coordinated to match your Organized Mom Planner©, and both contain a blank Sticker Book page for you to place, add, and store digital stickers.

Our Thoughts

When deciding between a dated vs. undated planner, I think the most important factor is flexibility.

How much flexibility do you need or want in your planner?

If you need more of a guided plan each day that’s been strategically thought out for you – go with the dated version!

If you need more freedom to write things down in your weekly schedule and want to sort out your cleaning schedule yourself – go with the undated version!

And if you’re still wondering if digital planning is right for you, check out this post here.

*Post originally published June 2022, last updated May 2023.

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