The Got-It-Together Mom Bundle

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The Got-It-Together Mom Bundle!

Designed for the Busy Mom that is finally ready to become The Got-It-Together Mom! With a done-for-you cleaning schedule, printable checklist, and family chore chart. This Bundle helps you SAVE BIG on our three clean home essentials.

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*Instant Downloads – Digital Files*

Introducing: The Got-It-Together Mom Bundle

You’re tired of the clutter, the mess, the lack of structure.

Your day-to-day seems chaotic.

The energy you put into tasks doesn’t feel like it makes a difference.

You need a PLAN.

You want to have it all together.

Is it possible??


With the Got-It-Together Mom Bundle, you can take back your schedule and say goodbye to the mess you see before you.

You (and your home) deserve better.

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What’s In The Got-It-Together Mom Bundle?

With this midyear bundle, featuring our two most popular digital downloads, you’ll receive:

  • Organized Mom Planner with a Done-For-You Cleaning Schedule mapped out for you
  • BONUS Organized Mom Planner (dated April – June 2024) for early bird purchasers
  • PDF Instruction Guide (showing you how to navigate your PDF digital planner)
  • Printable Cleaning Checklist with daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly cleaning tasks
  • 50+ Digital Stickers in 3 formats (GoodNotes file, PDF file, and individual precropped PNGs with transparent backgrounds)
  • Printable Family Chore Chart – perfect for getting EVERYONE in your home on board!

The Organized Mom Planner Digital Bundle includes over 800+ digital pages to flip through, with hyperlinked buttons and tabs throughout for easy lag-free navigation.

This midyear planner is professionally made and under 25 MB with no lagging (this may be impacted by the space available on your device).

midyear mom planner mockup

Here’s what you’ll get in the Digital Organized Mom Planner:

Links To Apple Cal and Google Cal

*NEW THIS YEAR*, you now can create events to your Apple or Google Calendar!

Directions and Apple Shortcut included in the PDF Instruction Guide. 

Easy Navigation With Hyperlinked Tabs and Buttons 

Jump to the page you need to by clicking on any of the hyperlinked tabs or buttons throughout this planner.

Buttons can be found within the Lifestyle tabs, on Index pages, and on the weekly and monthly views for easy navigation.

Detailed Lifestyle Tabs 

Each Lifestyle Tab is hyperlinked with Index buttons as well as buttons you can click on the pages to easily navigate to where you’d like to go in your new digital planner:

⭐️ 12 Calendar Monthly Overviews
⭐️ Weekly Overviews with a Done-For-You Cleaning Schedule©
⭐️ Yearly Overview
⭐️ Major U.S. Holidays
⭐️ Yearly overview with quarterly cleaning tasks
⭐️ Mini Calendars
⭐️ Special Dates
⭐️ Daily Overview Templates
⭐️ Birthdays
⭐️ Contact List
⭐️ Family Information (Birthdays, Age, Interests, Clothing Size, etc.)
⭐️ Medication Tracker
⭐️ Medical Contacts
⭐️ Special Medication Information
⭐️ Health Insurance
⭐️ Extracurriculars
⭐️ Extracurricular Schedule
⭐️ School Calendar
⭐️ School Parties
⭐️ Babysitter Information
⭐️ Petsitter Information
⭐️ Housesitter Information
⭐️ Important House Details
⭐️ Weekly Meal Planner – 1 Week Included For Each Week within planner)
⭐️ Grocery Shopping list
⭐️ Pantry Inventory List
⭐️ Fridge Inventory List
⭐️ Recipe Cards
⭐️ Monthly Grocery Budget – 12
⭐️ Tidying Checklist
⭐️ Kids Chore Ideas
⭐️ Decluttering Checklist
⭐️ Decluttering Ideas
⭐️ Spaces I Would Like To Declutter
⭐️ Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Cleaning Checklists
⭐️ Chore Chart
⭐️ Master House Cleaning Checklist (filled-in and blank versions)
⭐️ Chores By Room
⭐️ Family Chore Chart
⭐️ Organizing Checklists
⭐️ DIY Cleaning Recipe Cards
⭐️ Yearly Cleaning Overview/Tasks
⭐️ Savings Tracker
⭐️ Credit Summary
⭐️ Debt Snowball
⭐️ Detailed Monthly Budgeting (one section for each month)
⭐️ Debt Trackers (4 pages)
⭐️ Credit Review
⭐️ Savings Dreams Flow Chart
⭐️ Bible Study Tracker
⭐️ Self-Reflection
⭐️ Prayer Journal
⭐️ God Is Teaching Me
⭐️ Verses To Study
⭐️52-Week Bible Study Plan
⭐️ Prayer Request
⭐️ On My Heart
⭐️ Studying Scripture
⭐️ Monthly Journaling
⭐️ Memory Keeper x2 layouts
⭐️ Mood Tracker Hexagon Charts
⭐️ Habits I’m Implementing
⭐️ Self-Care I’m Prioritizing
⭐️ Self-Care Board
⭐️ Goals And Dreams
⭐️ Nurturing My Mind With…
⭐️ Habit Tracker
⭐️ Vision Board
⭐️ Goals and Dreams
⭐️ Brain Dump
⭐️ Password Keeper
⭐️ Expense Tracker
⭐️ Time Blocking
⭐️ Project Planning
⭐️ Pofit Planning Charts
⭐️ Monthly Action Plans
⭐️ Content Planner
⭐️ Content Post Ideas
⭐️ Holiday To-Dos
⭐️ Holiday Bucket List
⭐️ Thanksgiving Plan
⭐️ Black Friday Shopping
⭐️ Cyber Monday Shopping
⭐️ Christmas Gift List
⭐️ Christmas Savings and Christmas Budget
⭐️ Christmas Plan
⭐️ Advent Activities List
⭐️ Holiday Traditions
⭐️ Holiday Baking Planner
⭐️ Holiday Recipe Cards
⭐️ Christmas Card Tracker
⭐️ Birthday Party Planning
⭐️ Birthday Invite List
⭐️ Holiday Party Planning
⭐️ Extra Sections – 20 additional sections you can use to add in more sections, templates, notes, inserts, etc.

Created by Corinne Burghardt of Slay At Home Mother, the Organized Mom Planner maps out cleaning tasks for the entire 12 months of your planner, giving you 5 focus cleaning tasks to complete each day.

Instead of worrying about the entire house all at once, take it room by room and day by day for an easy-to-digest system that yields results.

Just look at our many reviews!

Monthly Overviews

This midyear digital mom planner is dated July 2024 – June 2025. 

Each monthly view is filled in and dated for you.

Navigate with ease to each week of the month with multiple hyperlinks on the monthly page.

Weekly Overviews

Dated weekly overviews within each month with focus cleaning tasks for the day scheduled for you, spots to write your daily cleaning tasks, meal, motivation (great spot for digital stickers!!), and daily to-dos.

Each Weekly Page links to other week pages within the month you’re in, as well as the main month page.

Check off daily cleaning tasks to help stay on track.

Blank Custom Pages In Each Section

For future insert releases (individual pages and bundles) we release, we’ve thought ahead and included a blank page within each section for you to easily add these as they are released.

Note Pages

Planner includes additional graph paper, dotted paper, and lined paper templates for note-taking and journaling.

Custom Lifestyle Sections

Want to add even more to your planner?

We’ve included 20 additional customizable sections where you can add extra templates, inserts, doodles, stickers, and whatever else you’d like.

An Index page contains hyperlinks so you can easily navigate to each custom section.

Sticker Book

Need a spot for all of your digital stickers? Use our blank sticker book pages for easy keeping and storage.

50+ Designed Digital Stickers

digital sticker bundle mockup

Decorate your Organized Mom Planner© with color-coordinated digital stickers (GoodNotes file and PNG files included).

Stickers include common house cleaning tasks, cleaning checklists, cleaning-themed stickers, banners, sparkles, and more.

You’ll receive three formats of stickers:

  • PNGs
  • PDF
  • GoodNotes file

We also send you a monthly digital sticker bundle with 10+ digital stickers on the first of every month as long as you are a customer and stay subscribed to our e-mail newsletter. 

Premium Background

Premium white wood background included for your digital planner.

Bonuses Included

Each month, we’ll release a new digital sticker pack and send a link right to your inbox to use with your customer password.

You’ll also get first access to new releases, a chance to beta-testing products, and more.

With your purchase, we’ll send you a PDF Instruction Guide that quickly walks you through how to use your planner, how to use hyperlinks, and where hyperlinks are located within your 800+ page planner.

What Do I Need For This Digital Planner?

To use a digital planner, you will need a tablet, stylus, and PDF Annotation App.

We always recommend downloading your preferred planning app onto your device to ensure it will be compatible before purchasing any digital planner.

Some of our favorite digital planning apps you can use include:

  • GoodNotes 5
  • Noteshelf
  • Notability
  • ZoomNotes
  • XODO

Older tablets may not be suited for digital planning. 

This is a digital product – available for instant download once payment clears. Please refer to our Terms of Sale page for more information before purchasing. 

Printable Cleaning Checklist

printable cleaning checklist (3)

You’ll also receive our Printable Cleaning Checklist, suitable for hanging on your fridge or command center.

Feel free to laminate your checklist and check off tasks as you complete them for further accountability!

Included: Canva template for you to edit tasks to fit your home’s individual needs if you wish! You’ll need a free Canva account to edit the template.

Printable Family Chore Chart

GOT IT TOGETHER mom bundle (1)

Part of having it all together as a mom includes having everyone on the same page – which is where a Printable Family Chore Chart can help!

Dramatically increase the amount of care and effort your family puts into picking up after themselves with this accountability chart.

Laminate it and hang it on the fridge, or put it in a clear sleeve to use with a dry-erase marker!

*Note: Because this is a horizontal coiled planner, the actual PDF is 400+ pages, with two planner pages showing on each PDF page (like an open book), making up over 800+ individual digital planner pages. Personal usage rights granted at purchase, digital downloads cannot be sold, copied, or distributed. Thanks for understanding! 

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7 reviews for The Got-It-Together Mom Bundle

  1. Ryder

    chore chart is easy to follow for my family of six, I appreciate the accountability of the checklist for my fridge and my planner is really awesome.

  2. Tammy


  3. Cara

    best combo ever for mamas – get this one!

  4. Asia

    I finally ‘got it together’ – amazing digital planner bundle!!! using this with goodnotes 5 app from the app store btw.

  5. Dani

    I have the chore chart and checklist hanging on my fridge – it helps out so much! but the real start of the show is the planner. having all my cleaning duties as a check off list for me is so helpful and makes cleaning our home less overwhelming and crazy feeling. no more stress – thank you!!!!!

  6. Whitney

    snagged this bundle during the big annual sale they have – so glad I got it! It’s such a grat deal for everything you get, I’ve only been using it a day and I already feel so much more TOGETHER lol

  7. Hope

    Great planner for moms, love the chore chart as well

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