10 Shocking Habits Of Successful People 

Step your game up with these 10 shocking habits of successful people

Wondering what successful people do each day that helps them kick butt?

Read on to learn 10 shocking habits of successful people…

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10 Shocking Habits Of Successful People 

They Wake Up Early

By waking up early, you are able to get more things done and don’t have to rush through your morning routine.

You are also less likely to forget things and can take a breather to relax and structure your day.

They Plan Out Their Days


You can up your productivity tremendously by using a planner, checklists, to-do lists, or just simply writing things down in a notepad.

This is also helpful for remembering things throughout the day, as your memory of the events and notes you write down is tied to the muscle movements required to have written them down.

Therefore, the more you write down – the more you remember to do, and the more gets done during the day! – Source

They Check Their Communications A Few Times Daily

How many times do you check your phone during the day, sorting through and delete emails, text your good friend about the upcoming weekend, check what Molly and Tim are up to on social media…

Refrain from checking your e-mails and phone 50-100 times per day.

This amount might sound like a lot, but you know you do…

If you want to practice taking this number down, try to set yourself three alarms during the day to remind and allow yourself to check your phone for important work e-mails and communications.

You can, for example, try aiming for 9:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., and 5:00 p.m. as your designated e-mail and work message check times.

If something is urgent, you can bet you’ll receive a phone call instead.

Without having to be on your phone constantly throughout the day, you’re sure to be more productive and get more work done.

They Prioritize Quality Sleep

Successful people prioritize quality sleep.

Getting a good night’s rest can dramatically improve the work we do during the day and boost our mood.

If you’re sleeping well, you’re ready for whatever the day brings.

Getting quality sleep may mean making changes to your current sleep schedule, like putting down electronics an hour before going to bed, changing up the airflow in the room, or playing sleep music in the background to help quiet your mind.

They Make Time For Fitness

People who are successful make time in their busy schedule to exercise – it helps you feel better and can be a great mood booster and provide that needed rush of energy in the morning or evening.

If you’re super busy and can’t make it to the gym or around your neighborhood, consider investing in an exercise bike desk or other fitness equipment you can use while working!

They Focus On Three Key Tasks Per Day

Consider writing down your top three tasks needed to be completed that day – digital planners are great for this!

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They don’t overload themselves but stay laser-focused on what they need to accomplish.

They Delegate Tasks To Those Around Them

Instead of taking everything on yourself, consider delegating tasks.

Here are some people you may have in your life that can help take the mountain of responsibility off your shoulders:

  • your spouse/partner
  • children
  • babysitter
  • assistant
  • coworkers

If you find yourself drowning in work, try delegating some of your workloads to those below you or adjacent.

For children, if you need help with chores around the house (picking up the dog poop in the yard, loading the dishwasher, restarting the washing machine, etc.) don’t be afraid to ask them!

They Prioritize Their Energy And Emotions

Instead of letting everything weigh on them, they ask themselves if what they’re stressing about is going to really matter in the days, weeks, months, or years to come.

If it isn’t – they move on and focus on what is going to matter.

They Are Constantly Absorbing Information From Others

People who are highly successful aren’t set in their ways or refuse to learn from others.

Instead, they are forever absorbing information and techniques from those around them to figure out the best way to accomplish something.

It’s possible that someone else has a better idea than you – and that doesn’t take anything away from you. It only adds to what you can accomplish and do.

They Keep Their Work Space Tidy

By organizing their workspace (this can be as simple as clearing their desk and putting their pens in a cup!), they’re able to start fresh every day.

If you’re a creative and find that clutter is part of your process, consider tidying up at the end of the week to keep things manageable.

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