Hyperfocus Cleaning: What It Is And Why You Should Be Doing It


What Is Hyperfocus Cleaning?

Hyperfocus cleaning is mixing focus cleaning with power cleaning.

Focus cleaning is where you clean and focus on one area in your home (typically, a room like a kitchen, basement, bathroom, etc.).

Power cleaning is where you set a timer for yourself and power through a room, cleaning as much as you can in that time frame.

This is a great method of cleaning for busy moms or anyone who needs to really put in the time and effort but is easily overwhelmed by the amount that needs to be done in their home.

How Can I Hyperfocus Clean My House?

How To Start Hyperfocus Cleaning

Let’s take the kitchen for example – make yourself a list in your Organized Mom Planner of the things you see that need to be cleaned.

Maybe that’s…

  • the counters (mine are almost never clear – three kids and all)
  • the floors
  • dusting the light fixtures
  • doing the dishes
  • taking out the trash
  • and scrubbing out the sink.

My advice is always to start from the top of a room and work your way to the bottom.

In this case, set a timer for yourself (let’s say about 20 minutes).

Start with dusting the light fixtures. They’re closest to the ceiling, and any dust that falls down will land on the counters or floor, so you can wipe those up after.

Work your way to the dishes, scrub out the sink, then wipe the counters, take out the trash, and mop the floors o your way out of the room.

Ta-da! You’re done cleaning.

Super easy, right?

I know that when we look at a list of tasks like that and there are more than 3 things on it, we tend to get overwhelmed by it and think there’s no way I can do that in 20 minutes or less.

3 minutes – Dusting the light fixtures

5 minutes – Unloading and loading the dishwasher

2 minutes – Scrubbing the sink

5 minutes – wipe down counters

2 minutes – take the trash out and insert a new bag

5 minutes – mop the floors

We’re at about 22 minutes at this point – totally doable!

The more often you practice hyperfocus cleaning, the quicker you’ll be able to finish a room, the more established your cleaning routine will become, and the better you’ll get to know your capabilities when it comes to each room.

Maybe the master bedroom needs 30 minutes of cleaning time instead of 20.

What To Remember

If nothing else, remember that you may take a shorter or longer time to clean up, depending on a lot of factors in your home and your life.

The idea is to make cleaning your home actionable and realistic, so always be kind to yourself and know that you’re making huge strides towards a cleaner home just by reading this post!

You can also schedule more than one room per day if you have the time available, or skip days between cleaning.

Don’t feel the need to power through the entire house all at once – do what you can!

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