How To Import A Digital Planner Into GoodNotes

How To Import A Digital Planner Into GoodNotes – a quick guide to begin digital planning…

Ready to dive into digital planning this year?

This post will show you how to import your new digital planner into GoodNotes 5…

how to import a digital planner into goodnotes

How To Import A Digital Planner Into GoodNotes

This tutorial is going to be super short and sweet because the importing process is THAT easy…

Download A Digital Planner

First, you’ll need to snag a sweet digital planner.

If you’re looking for an amazing one and want our recommendation, take this short quiz to see which planner we recommend for you!

If you want our quick digital planner checklist, here’s what to look for:

  • lag-free
  • under 25 MB
  • contains tabs and/or buttons for easy navigation
  • fits your needs
  • has an agreeable color scheme and fonts
  • includes an instruction guide (so you know what’s clickable)
  • includes a free monthly digital sticker subscription*

*Okay, this one isn’t totally necessary, but you get this with each digital planner purchase made with us!

Here are some other reasons you’ll love our digital planners:

  • BUDGET-FRIENDLY – Compare our premium-designed planners to paper-printed planners that are double the cost! No pens, markers, stickers, or other supplies needed that need to be replaced frequently – just your trusty tablet and a stylus (or your finger!)
  • LINKS OUT TO APPLE CALENDAR AND GOOGLE CALENDAR – *NEW FEATURE* starting in 2024, our Digital Planners enable you to create events directly out to your Apple or Google Calendar.
  • PROFESSIONALLY MADE – Our Digital Planners are professionally made with images with crisp edges, hyperlinked tabs and buttons for easy navigation, lag-free, and a file size of under 25 MB to save you space on your device.
  • BEAT MOM BURNOUT Slay Homemaking, Budget Better, and Organize your Life – FINALLY.
  • COMPATIBLE ACROSS MULTIPLE APPS – While we recommend using GoodNotes 5 for your digital planners, we’re happy to mention that you can also use free apps LIKE Notability or Xodo (Android) and more for even more savings!
  • TEMPLATES DESIGNED FOR BUSY MOMS – You’ll appreciate the thought we’ve put into these planners to help you manage your schedule, family obligations, work tasks, daily time management, Bible Study, establishing and maintaining a realistic cleaning routine, journaling, budgeting, holiday planning, and meal planning.
  • 50+ DIGITAL STICKERS INCLUDED – With each digital planner purchase, you receive a special digital sticker bundle, containing over 50+ custom stickers that are color-coordinated to match your planner.
  • FREE MONTHLY STICKER BUNDLES – Each month our loyal customers receive a bundle of digital stickers and widgets to use in their planner, sent directly to your e-mail.
  • BETA-TESTING PROGRAM – Each year, we select a small pool of loyal customers to help us beta-test new products (including digital planners!).
  • AFFILIATE PROGRAM – After you purchase, you have the chance to join our affiliate program, where you can help your audience save 20% on their purchase while earning 30% commission, even on the Lifetime Access Program. See Terms & Conditions of our Affiliate Program here. I perform monthly check-ins with our Team, provide helpful tools and resources, and supply a custom code upon request to help you market and promote your planner to your audience.

Download The GoodNotes App

To annotate your digital planner, you’ll need a PDF annotation app.

For this tutorial, we’re focusing on GoodNotes.

download goodnotes app image

You can download the GoodNotes app here.

GoodNotes currently requires iPadOS of 14.5 or later.

Import Digital Planner Into GoodNotes

Within the GoodNotes app, you’ll see this screen with a rectangle containing a plus sign.

Tap on this rectangle, and a drop-down menu will appear.

From here, you can select the file type you’d like to import.

Select ‘Import‘.

import planner into goodnotes image

From here, you can navigate to where you’ve saved your digital planner file on your device.

Note: You don’t have to unzip files before importing them into GoodNotes. Handy, right? 😉

Click on your digital planner file to import it, and you’re done.

Now you can annotate and edit your planner – woohoo!

GoodNotes is the premier digital planning app for Apple, and the first-choice app we recommend using with our line of planners long-term.

From our Shop

We hope this post was helpful in teaching you how to import a digital planner into GoodNotes, please leave any questions you have about GoodNotes digital planning in the comments below.

*Post originally published January 2023, last updated May 2023.

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