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Ready to Jumpstart your Digital Planner Business? I’ve done the work for you with these Digital Planner Templates…


With this bundle, you’ll receive Limited Commercial Rights And Usage (see more info on that below) to help kickstart selling digital planners in no time.

Customize your digital planners as much or as little as you like.

Introducing: Digital Planner Templates

If you are ready to start selling digital planners, but are BRAND NEW to the market – these templates are a great help to get you going!

With a beginner’s background in Keynote, you can easily change colors, fonts, add graphics and images, add hyperlinks to your planner website or Etsy store, and more.

Know exactly what to change and/or delete with easy-to-locate RED TEXT or RED BOXES throughout the pages, as well as an included Pre-Sell Checklist included.

digital planner templates mockups

And even if you don’t have a thorough understanding of Keynote, the instructional videos I send to your e-mail each week will show you how to do what you need to customize your planner on both your desktop and your iPad.

Digital Planner Template Bundle

digital planner templates mockups 9

What’s included…

  • Horizontal 2-page Layout Undated Digital Planner Template (Keynote)*
  • Monthly Digital Planner layouts with both Sunday and Monday week start
  • 22 Weekly Planner Page Templates in Gray, Blue, or Pink (Keynote)
  • 14 Daily Planner Page Templates in Gray, Blue, or Pink (Keynote) 
  • 16 Pages Planner Elements to Copy & Paste (Keynote)
  • Instructional Videos to help you learn how to hyperlink, copy and paste elements, and customize pages for your digital planners (these are sent right to your inbox each week)
  • Pre-Sale Checklist
  • Helpful websites (websites that help you develop color palettes and compress your PDF for sale)
  • Behind-the-curtain e-mail series where I share weekly tips on planner creation, designing pages for your audience, starting and creating your own brand, and more!

The Undated Digital Planner Template includes 260+ pages (over 130 slides), a silver coil, and two extra pages with pre-linked elements to use within your designs.

Each week within the calendar views is hyperlinked to the weekly pages, but this can always be altered to link to individual daily pages if you wish.

Pages can be duplicated, copied, or deleted within your planner.

*While this template bundle includes an Undated Digital Planner Template, you are able to fill in the dates for the months as you wish to make it a dated planner. This was done so you can easily use the template year after year if you need it without having to remove or change the dates if you don’t want to go this route.

This digital planner bundle is not a replica of my current planners for sale, but the monthly page is very similar, as is a daily template I’ve included for you. This is to help set your digital planner apart and make it into something you can design and market on your own.

Customer support for your planners will not be provided. As a business owner, this will be your duty to provide customer support to your customers.

Required Programs & Knowledge


Program requirements for this bundle:

  • Keynote (version 12+)

It’s recommended that you have basic Keynote Program knowledge.

You will need to know how to…

  • change colors of fonts and shapes
  • adjust font sizing and color
  • add hyperlinks
  • copy and paste

Instructional videos are provided via e-mail each week to help you navigate the bundle and show you basic Keynote functions to help you customize and get your planner ready to sell.


digital planner templates mockups

Upon purchase, you agree to and will be given Limited Commercial Rights to customize and sell your digital planners using the templates provided in this bundle.

You are not given any rights to resell the templates or individual elements from the templates.

For instance, your finished profitable digital product will be in the form of a digital planner PDF, not a Keynote template to resell.

Using the templates, you may customize your digital planner within Keynote to create your own planner to sell and profit from without any due credit (unless you wish to).

Feel free to use any of the templates included to help design your digital planner to sell.


No physical product will be shipped to you. This bundle includes all digital products.

Your purchase price includes 4 Keynote Templates (Digital Planner, Weekly Pages, Daily Pages, and Elements) to help you get started, as well as Limited Commercial Rights.

The finished  Digital Planner PDF you produce will be compatible with GoodNotes 5, Xodo, Noteshelf 2, OneNote, etc. Customers will need to download a free or paid PDF Annotation App to annotate on their digital planner.

Customer is responsible for marketing and listing gained from marketing their planner – no profits are guaranteed from using this template bundle.

11 reviews for Digital Planner Template + Limited Commercial Rights Usage

  1. Heather D.

    I was s excited when I saw this listing, and I’m so thankful for how it’s helped me start my digital planner biz so far! Amazing bundle.

  2. Casey

    Easy to download, easy to customize. I do wish she included some more page template examples, she has one example in there, but I think it’s also great that she pushes you to make your own pages. The weekly and daily templates she includes are so amazing, and I love the ‘elements’ template she included, so it’s easier to make my own pages. This is really more of a starter set and the commercial license, which is fine because that’s what I needed!

  3. Brittany

    Totally new to Keynote and found it a liiiiittle overwhelming until I got these templates. I accidentally unsibscribed from her weekly e-mail but they added me back on and let me tell you – there’s tons of helpful info on there!!!! LOL don’t unscibscribe. She sends videos to you and shows you exactly how to change things up in your planner.

  4. Shannon

    This bundle is just what I was looking for.

  5. Future Digital Planner Designer :)

    This is just what I was looking for, thanks!

  6. Layla

    Okay so real talk – I get overloaded really fast when it comes to learning something new. I felt like my brain kept locking up trying to absorb all this new information, until I found these templates and the license – this has saved me so much time getting started and getting my feet off the ground. The daily templates are my favorite, and I love that she shows you how to change the fonts and colors and everything to truly make it your own. 🙂

  7. Victoria

    The one part that irks me is the fact that this does NOT include customer service for my customers. If they have an issue with my planner, I have to be the one that goes back and forth with them? If I have an issue with the templates, I can contact them, but they don’t service my customers for me.

    I wanted this to be more of like a contractual type thing where I customize the planner but the customer still goes through this site for customer service, but that is NOT the case.

    So be warned if that’s the type of thing you’re looking for, this ain’t it.

    They told me ****I**** am responsible for customer service since it’s MY business. So this fee DOES include the templates (which I think are great, don’t get me wrong) AND the license to use them and sell them without any credit given, but I suggest reading the WHOLE listing before you purchase if you want something more contractual like I did. I was REALLY hoping for a hands-off type agreement.

    Overall, I’m learning the ropes really easily and being my own boss babe, but wanted to warn others that you can’t refer customers to their site for your customer service.

    I have made my money back in a little under a week and a half, too, so I don’t regret my purchase.

  8. Olivia

    Thank you – the templates went to my junk folder, but the team was so helpful in re-sending them to me until I found all the e-mails in the junk folder!!! Ahhhh so embarassing, ha! Great customer service team, so very much appreciated! Templates are great, too!



  10. Rachael

    OMG just what I needed to help start off my digital planner line – I have already sold over 20 of these after customizing them, and the videos she sends every week have been so super helpful to a Keynote newbie like me! Thank you!!!!!

  11. Renee

    Love these templates, and the weekly e-mail series with instructions, thank you! 🙂 🙏

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