Undated Organized Life Planner Bundle

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*NEW* VERTICAL UNDATED ORGANIZED MOM PLANNER – a portrait-style take on our premier digital planning bundle for Busy Moms, now with the freedom to set your own cleaning tasks and routine…

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*Instant Downloads – Digital Files*

Welcome to the Undated Organized Life Planner – the #1 life planner for women ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Undated Organized Life Planner (Vertical / Portrait Style Layout)

The Vertical Organized Life Planner Digital Bundle includes over 700+ pages to flip through, with hyperlinks for easy lag-free navigation.

This home planner is professionally made and under 25MB and is lag free (this may be impacted by the space available on your device).

(Lagging refers to the delay your device displays between flipping pages – some planners that are larger or not as well-made can take minutes to refresh or flip to a new page.)

What’s included:
-12 Calendar Monthly Overviews (dated January through December)
-Weekly Overviews
-Daily Templates
-Yearly Overview
-Medication Tracker
-Medical Contacts
-School Calendar
-School Parties
-Babysitter Information
-Petsitter Information
-Housesitter Information
-Weekly Meal Planner
-Grocery Shopping list
-Pantry Inventory List
-Fridge Inventory List
-Recipe Cards
-Baking Cards
-Monthly Grocery Budget (one of each of the 12 months)
-Decluttering Checklist (filled in and blank versions)
-Tidying Checklist (filled in and blank versions)
-Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Cleaning Checklists
-Chore Chart
-Kids Chore Ideas
-Master House Cleaning Checklist (filled in and blank versions)
-Organizing Checklists and Drawing Pages
-Cleaning Recipe Cards
-Yearly Cleaning Overview/Tasks
-Savings Tracker
-Credit Summary
-Debt Snowball
-Detailed Monthly Budgeting (5 pages for each month)
-Debt Tracker
-Credit Review
-Bible Study Tracker
-Prayer Journal
-God Is Teaching Me
-Verses To Study
-Bible Study Plan
-Monthly Journaling
-Memory Keeper
-Mood Tracker
-Habit Tracker
-Vision Board
-Goals and Dreams
-Brain Dump
-Password Keeper
-Expense Tracker
-Time Blocking
-Launch Dates
-Content Planner
-Blog Post Ideas
-Blog Post Schedule
-Blog Post Planner
-Newsletter Ideas
-Ideal Customer + Reader
-Goals By the Month
-Quarterly Goals
-5-Year Plan
-Project Planning
-Monthly Action Plans
-Content Planner
-Holiday To-Dos
-Thanksgiving Plan
-Black Friday Shopping
-Cyber Monday Shopping
-Christmas Gift List
-Christmas Savings and Christmas Budget
-Christmas Plan
-Advent Activities List
-Holiday Traditions
-Baking Recipe Cards
-Christmas Card Tracker
-Birthday Party Planning
-Holiday Party Planning

Each page, button, and tab is hyperlinked and lag-free – making this life planner super easy to navigate.

Vertical layout / Portrait layout planner.

Custom pages are included at end of each lifestyle tab to incorporate additional templates, notes, or other pages.

Additional 12 sections are included as well that you can label and use to add in extra templates, inserts, and pages.

Each lifestyle tab has an index page with buttons to help you navigate to the template you would like to use.

You will receive a PDF Instruction Guide detailing how to use your digital life planner, what is hyperlinked (clickable), and more.

Also includes 50+ digital stickers PNGs to help you start digital planning.

If you’ve been searching for home planners to find the perfect one – this is it!

Quick Note About This Planner:

While the Original Undated Organized Mom Planner (horizontal layout) boasts a cleaning schedule that is already filled in for you, this Life Planner gives you the freedom to schedule your cleaning tasks as you like!


Pink Digital Journal with 22 Hyperlinked Tabs included in your purchase.

Included In Purchase:

  • Undated Organized Life Planner (Digital)
  • Detailed Instruction Guide
  • 50+ Digital Stickers – GoodNotes File
  • 50+ Digital Stickers – PNG files with transparent backgrounds
  • Digital Sticker Subscription for 12 months

*This is a digital product – available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD. Have questions before you purchase? E-mail us at hello @ slayathomeplanners.com. 

8 reviews for Undated Organized Life Planner Bundle

  1. Sarah P.

    Bout 2 planners from Etsy and were SO DISAPPOINTED. Finally saw this planner on TIkTok and had to try it – I’m so happy with it so far! Love that it’s undated so I can use it year after year – the pages are creative and thoughtful, I’m going to get tons of use out of this one. 🙂 thanks so much!!

  2. Deanna


  3. Vivienne

    Mom of 4 over here, this is going to help out so much in 2023!

  4. Carrie

    I adore this planner – literally so excited to open my tablet in the morning and map out my day <3

  5. R.P.

    Best planner I’ve ever downloaded, great work!!!!!!!!

  6. Jen

    thank you so much for releasing the undated version of this! I love my digital planner.

  7. Sammy

    Doesn’t lag. I love the pages, but I thought I purchased the dated version and because I messed up they won’t give me the dated version. I have been writing in the dates for each month and it’s pretty easy, I think I actually like the undated version anyways.

  8. Liz

    5 stars – this digital planner is so easy to use and I love the pages inside.

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