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five star review

The GoodNotes 5 Academy Course is such a livesaver! I love all the video walkthroughs - SO HELPFUL. Adore the Organized Mom Planner, I finally feel like I have my life together, and knowing I can save on my planners forever and have the updated version is incredible. Thank you for setting up a lifetime membership!!!


five star review

I have bought so many planners over the years and none of them were as detailed, comprehensive, or tailored for moms as well as this one - I love having the membership so I can always have an updated version, as well as all the planner inserts and stickers my heart desires, haha. THANK YOUUUUUU!


five star review

I signed up for this in a heartbeat and am so glad I did! This membership has proven to be so useful even in just a few short months. I've already saved SO MUCH MONEY with this lifetime access membership, highly recommend to everyone I know.


five star review

Mom of twins, and I am so glad I found this Lifetime Membership! The planners are all so detailed and comprehensive. My home is finally tidy, my life isn't so CRAZY all the time and I have a dedicated plan to follow through with each day. This is my second year with the membership!


five star review

Great content, love my planners, and love that I can look forward to updated ones every year! She just released mid-year planners to work around the school year which is perfect for moms like me - looooooooove this membership. 


five star review

I've been using digital planners for years, but I haven't come across any that are designed with moms in mind without just slapping the word 'mom' on them. These planners are incredible, and I love the cleaning schedule inside the mom planners. My life has changed so much in the last month of just signing up. 


five star review

Started out with the Organized Mom Planner but had to join when I saw all the sticker bundles and extras she releases for her membership. Planning my days and months is so much fun now, and my schedule is saved! I don't feel so dang overwhelmed all the time, and I love that I got to pay just once and get lifetime access. 


five star review

The longer you stay in the membership, the more value you get! I love all of my planners, I signed up at the very start of when this membership was released, and it's been such a time and sanity saver. 


five star review

I couldn't believe the price when I signed up - I get this for life? I'm so thankful for my planners from Slay At Home Planners, and to know I have access to them for forever is incredible. I need the schedule so bad, and it's already been helping my mental health so much!!!!!


lifetime mockups