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Join the Slay At Home Mom Club for Lifetime Access to the Organized Mom Planner - multiple dated and undated versions, over 400+ digital stickers, inserts, templates, and downloads, and a GoodNotes 5 Course to help you learn how to use your downloads. 

Does this sound familiar?

Your schedule is driving you crazy.

There's clutter on the kitchen counter from the last 4 months piling up.

The house is crying for help - but you have no idea where to start.

You're tired of making excuses.

You're ready to start making moves.

We've helped thousands of women change their schedule, better track and plan their days, and maintain their home with the Organized Mom Planner. 

And we're offering a Lifetime Membership to help you save money while taking advantage of the cleaning schedule that's mapped out for you.

We provide an action plan for you to implement each day to better maintain your schedule, nurture your mental health, and love your home again. 

Now is the time to stop making excuses and start making moves towards healthier habits.

Your home, your schedule, and your mental health is waiting...

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What Do I Need?

To join the Slay At Home Mom Club and take full advantage of your Lifetime Access, you'll need:

- a tablet and PDF Annotation App of your choice

- stylus for writing comfort

- basic operating knowledge of your device

You'll be able to access unlimited downloads to printables, digital planners, and other resources to help you!

*For ultimate compatibility, we recommend and can offer support for Apple devices (iPads), but have customers that have successfully used Android devices with PDF Annotation Apps. 

What Is A Digital Planner?

A digital planner is used the same way as a paper planner, just on your tablet.

use your digital planner to track appointments, habits, cleaning tasks, family meals and grocery lists, budgets, etc. 
use your digital planner in a note-taking app (PDF Annotation App) like GoodNotes, NoteShelf, XODO, or Notability. 
jump from page to page with built-in hyperlinked tabs and buttons for easy navigation
use digital stickers to help track important information and decorate your planner over and over again - we include GoodNotes files, PDF files, and PNG files that are pre-cropped and have transparent backgrounds for easy use

Benefits Of Digital Planning

Easy customization
Jump to pages with lag-free design and convenient hyperlinked tabs and buttons
Save money with lifetime digital planners, downloads, stickers, and updates
Accessible anywhere
Easily backed up
Ability to write with your finger or stylus

Lifetime Access to the Slay At Home Mom Club

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3 Undated Digital Planners:

- Cheery Stripes

- Neutral Buffalo Check

- Boho Rainbow

Each Undated Mom Planner contains over 600+ pages!


July 22- June 23 Dated Digital Mom Planner

2023 Dated Digital Mom Planner

*As new dated planners are released each year, these downloads will update to the current time frame!

Each Dated Mom Planner contains over 800+ pages!

$36.99 VALUE

July 22- June 23 Dated Digital Teacher Planner

*As new planners are released each year, these downloads will update to the current time frame!

Dated Teacher Planner contains over 1,000+ pages!

$33.98 VALUE

Two Digital Journals

Two digital journals with a hyperlinked Index page and 22 hyperlinked tabs.


Digital Sticker Library with over 400+ stickers to use in your planner (inventory added and updated regularly)

You'll be able to download a GoodNotes file, PDF file, and individual PNGs for -each- sticker bundle to accommodate the file type you like working with best.

$100 VALUE

GoodNotes 5 Course with detailed video walkthroughs and tips to help beginners learn how to use the premium PDF annotation app we recommend and support.

*We are not affiliated with GoodNotes in any way. 


Printable Resources you can use to help manage cleaning tasks, schedules, meal planning, and kids chores.

*Colors may vary depending on screen displays and color resolution.

inserts graphic


Planner Inserts (planner page templates) you can add to your digital planner to track EVEN MORE.

All future planner insert releases included - special requests for bundles can be made to our design team as well!

That's over $2,000+ in value in just 5 years!

Each digital planner in your Lifetime Access Membership is...

fully hyperlinked for easy navigation
lag-free for optimal viewing and use
jam-packed with templates and pages to help you better manage your schedule, home, and more!
five star review

"I started off with the Organized Mom Planner and fell in love with how easy these planners are to use and customize, so i invested in the lifetime membership and I'm so glad! These planners have helped this busy mama of SIX and I'm so excited to know that I'll have a planner every single year!! Thank you guys!"


five star review

"This membership has saved me HUNDREDS of dollars this year so far on digital planners and stickers, I'm in love! I also highly recommend the GoodNotes Course for beginners - I've been using the app for over a year now and I still picked up new information and tips from the course! ugh, thank you thank you thank you!"


five star review

"This Lifetime Membership is so worth it!! The digital stickers and planners are incredible - I finally feel like I'm starting to get my life together, all thanks to this membership! It's truly what you make it - open your planner every day and make a plan and just see how much your life will change for the better."


Payment Option #1

Lifetime Access to Digital Mom Planners and digital downloads

Lag-free, professionally-designed planners 

GoodNotes 5 Course with video walkthroughs and helpful tutorials to help you master digital planning


Pay a one-time fee for LIFETIME ACCESS. 

Save even more with this one-time payment option.

Payment Option #2

Lifetime Access to Digital Mom Planners and digital downloads

Lag-free, professionally-designed planners 

GoodNotes 5 Course with video walkthroughs and helpful tutorials to help you master digital planning


Split payments into more manageable monthly installments. 

3x monthly payments of $117.

Why These Mom Planners?

Meal Planning? DONE.
Kitchen Clean Up? DONE.
Organize your home, once and for all? DONE.
Finally feeling like you can breathe again? DONE
Every room needs a cleaning game plan? DONE.

The Organized Mom Planner can work for any mom by helping you focus clean in one area of your home each day.

Tackle tidying one day at a time, with an action plan that's already laid out for you.

All you need is the right planner.

You'll never have to buy another yearly digital planner
(or paper planner) again!

The timer has expired!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a one-time payment?

Correct, this membership grants you LIFETIME ACCESS for a one-time payment.

We do offer a split-payment option that splits payments into 3 monthly installments, but after the third and final payment, you will not be charged again.

I'm not very tech-savvy - is this a good fit for me?


You don't have to be super tech-savvy to use digital planners, but a general knowledge of downloading apps or using a toolbar within a program will help you. 

In your membership, you will also gain access to a GoodNotes 5 Academy Course for iPad users with video walkthroughs and detailed instructions for use. 

Is this for Apple, Android, or Windows users?

The planners may work on Android/Windows devices with pdf annotating apps such as Xodo or Noteshelf. 

However, as the team personally uses Apple products, we cannot provide you with any technical support should you wish to use the product on an Android/Windows device.

We do have customers that have successfully used Android devices with our planners. 

Do the planners sync with digital calendars such as Google Calendar or iCal? 

At this time, our planners are designed to function more as a personal journal. 

They do not have the functionality to sync with a digital calendar, nor have any built-in notification or reminder capabilities.

Will my device by suitable?

If you are planning to use GoodNotes 5 as your PDF Annotation app (this is the app we offer support for and recommend), you can check your device compatibility here

Can I access this from multiple devices?

With the GoodNotes 5 app, you can sync updates between your Mac, iPad, and iPhone. 

Be sure to click the 'Save' button before exiting on one device to see the changes reflect on another. 

Are all the pages hyperlinked?

Yes, each page is hyperlinked with tabs and buttons. 

You'll need to enter into Read-Only mode to active these links, which we'll show you how to do in the GoodNotes 5 Academy Course in your Lifetime Membership!

Can I reuse the planners and stickers?

Undated planners can be used year after year, and digital stickers can be used and reused as often as you like! Dated planners are filled in with that years' dates and are good for that year only. 

You will gain access to new dated planners, stickers, and downloads as they are released - FOR LIFE. 

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of our products (digital downloads) in this membership, we do not offer refunds. Your happiness is our upmost concern, however, so please feel free to reach out to [email protected] for any questions you may have!

Are these planners just for stay-at-home moms?

These planners are for any mom! You don't have to be a stay-at-home mom to benefit from these Organized Mom Planners...

Templates included: 

- project planning and business

- budgeting

- meal planning

- cleaning

- family information

- Bible study

- journaling

Made by a working mom for other moms, working outside of the home, working from home, or doing the work of homemaking.


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