Organized Mom Planner – Digital Planning Bundle (July 2022 – June 2023)

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The #1 Digital Planner for Busy Moms!

The Organized Mom Planner has everything you need to clean, organize, budget, meal plan, and more. Professionally made, lag-free, with gorgeous helpful templates for every aspect of your busy schedule.

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2023 VERSION IS LIVE, view the 2023 Organized Mom Planner© here. 

Welcome to the Organized Mom Planner!

organized mom planner july through june

You know you’re a busy mom because you’re reading this.

We’ve all been there—you have a million things going on and the house is constantly in disarray. You try to get it together but it’s hard to stay focused on cleaning tasks when a million other things are vying for your attention.

That’s why we created this planner. With spots to schedule in your daily cleaning tasks, you can tidy your home in 15 minutes or less a day!

This digital planner will help you focus on getting your home clean, every day of the week. And once you’re done?

You can move on to organizing your schedule and keeping track of important dates, events, and activities.

The July-June Organized Mom Planner Digital Bundle includes over 800+ pages to flip through, with hyperlinked buttons and tabs throughout for easy lag-free navigation.

This planner is professionally made and under 20 MB with little to no lagging (this may be impacted by the space available on your device).

Lagging refers to the delay your device displays between flipping pages – some planners that are larger or not as well made can take minutes to refresh or flip to a new page.

organized mom planner mockup bundle featured image

Here’s what’s you’ll get in the July-June Digital Organized Mom Planner:

Easy Navigation With Hyperlinked Tabs and Buttons 

Jump to the page you need to by clicking on any of the hyperlinked tabs or buttons throughout this planner.

Buttons can be found within the Lifestyle tabs, on Index pages, and on the weekly and monthly views for easy navigation.

Templates Included In Digital Planner:

  • Calendar year overview (July 2022-June 2023) hyperlinked to weekly pages
  • U.S. Holidays
  • Yearly Overview with quarterly cleaning task checklist
  • Monthly Overviews (12 months total, July-June)
  • Weekly Overviews
  • Daily Overviews
  • Birthdays
  • Contacts
  • Family Information
  • Medication Tracker
  • Medical Contacts
  • Extracurriculars
  • School Calendar
  • School Parties
  • Sitter Information
  • Weekly Meal Planner
  • Grocery Shopping List
  • Pantry Inventory
  • Fridge Inventory
  • Recipe Cards
  • Monthly Grocery Budget (12 months)
  • Tidying Checklist
  • Spring Cleaning Checklist
  • Summer Cleaning Checklist
  • Fall Cleaning Checklist
  • Winter Cleaning Checklist
  • Chore Chart
  • Cleaning Checklist
  • Organizing Checklist
  • Organizing Checklists
  • Cleaning Recipe Cards
  • Yearly Overview/Tasks
  • Saving Tracker
  • Credit Summary
  • Debt Snowball
  • Detailed Monthly Budgeting (12 months)
  • Debt Tracker
  • Credit Review
  • Bibel Study Tracker
  • Selt-Reflection
  • God Is Teaching Me
  • Verses To Study
  • Bible Study Plan
  • Monthly Journaling
  • Memory Keeper
  • Mood Tracker
  • Habit Tracker
  • Vision Board
  • Goals & Dreams
  • Brain Dump
  • Password Keeper
  • Expense Tracking
  • Time Blocking
  • Project Planning
  • Monthly Action Plans (12 months)
  • Content Planner
  • Holiday To-Dos
  • Thanksgiving Plan
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas Gift List
  • Christmas Savings + Budget
  • Christmas Plan
  • Advent Activities and Traditions
  • Baking Recipe Cards
  • Christmas Card Tracker
  • Birthday Party Planning
  • Holiday Party Planning
  • Custom Lifestyle Tab Section (add up to 44 additional customized sections into your planner to accommodate for additional tracking, note-taking, and more) with its own Index page
  • Custom Pages (blank pages after each section to accommodate for additional notes, stickers, pages, or inserts as they are released)
  • Notes
  • Sticker Book

Monthly Overviews

This digital mom planner is dated July 2022 – June 2023.

Each monthly view is filled in and dated for you.

Navigate with ease to each week of the month with multiple hyperlinks on the monthly page.

  • 12 dated calendar months (July – June) with hyperlinked weekly buttons so you can easily navigate to the weeks of each month

Weekly Overviews

organized mom planner july through june

Dated weekly overviews within each month with focus cleaning tasks for the day scheduled for you, spots to write your daily cleaning tasks, meal, motivation (great spot for digital stickers!!), and daily to-dos.

Each Weekly Page links to other week pages within the month you’re in, as well as the main month page.

Check off daily cleaning tasks to help stay on track.

Blank Custom Pages In Each Section

For future insert releases (individual pages and bundles) we release, we’ve thought ahead and included a blank page within each section for you to easily add these as they are released.

Note Pages

Planner includes additional graph paper, dotted paper, and lined paper templates for note-taking and journaling.

Custom Lifestyle Sections

Want to add even more to your planner? We’ve included 44 additional customizable sections where you can add extra templates, inserts, doodles, stickers, and whatever else you’d like.

An Index page contains hyperlinks so you can easily navigate to each custom section.

Sticker Book

Need a spot for all of your digital stickers? Use our blank sticker book pages for easy keeping and storage.

50+ Designed Digital Stickers

Decorate your 2023 Organized Mom Planner© with color-coordinated digital stickers (GoodNotes file and PNG files included).

Stickers include common house cleaning tasks, cleaning checklists, cleaning-themed stickers, banners, sparkles, and more.

You’ll receive three formats of stickers:

  • PNGs
  • PDF
  • GoodNotes file

We also update our Free Resource Libary each month with new themed digital stickers you can use for your planner and have access to the PDF version, PNGs, and GoodNotes files depending on the format you need. 

Bonuses Included

You’ll gain access to helpful video tutorial walkthroughs on how to use your digital planner and digital stickers.

Each month, we’ll release a new digital sticker pack to the Free Resource Library (password-protected for our e-mail subscribers and customers).

You’ll also get first access to new releases, a chance to beta-testing products, and more.

With your purchase, we’ll send you a PDF Instruction Guide that quickly walks you through how to use your planner, how to use hyperlinks, and where hyperlinks are located within your 800+ page planner.

screenshot of pdf instruction guide organized mom planner

If you’d like a less structured version of this planner that you can use over and over without dates, check out our Undated Organized Mom Planner Digital Bundle.

This is a digital product – available for instant download once payment clears. Please refer to our Terms of Sale page for more information before purchasing. 

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20 reviews for Organized Mom Planner – Digital Planning Bundle (July 2022 – June 2023)

  1. Veronica

    Digital planner addict here – LOVE THIS planner. The pages are clear, it doesn’t lag, and it’s super easy to navigate. Seriously one of my favorite digital planners especially now that I’m a mom.

  2. Emmy

    I got the chance to beta test this dated planner and it is INCREDIBLE. I love how easy it is to navigate.

  3. Stacie

    Truly lag-free planner which I can’t say for the last three planners I’ve tried. THis one is also honed in on everything a mom could ask for!!

  4. Raquel

    Beta-tester here (join her e-mail list to be randomly selected, ya’ll, she really comes through!), I’m seriously so impressed by this thing. For as much as she has packed in her planner, it flips pages really quick ad doesn’t take up a lot of space on my iPad, which I appreciate because I need room for my kids to play games and such.

  5. Millie T.

    This year, I’m determined to do better. I’m tired of feeling so damn frazzled all the time. I can already tell this planner is going to help. I’m most excited about the meal planning and grocery budget pages.

  6. Haley R.

    I freaking love this planner. WOOOOOOWW. I feel like I atually have a real plan every day now and I’m excited to open my iPad each morning and get to work 💪💪💪💪

  7. August

    I bought this planner with the idea that if I didn’t like it, I’d just go back to my to do list on my fridge. This thing is so in depth and thorough it’s crazy. I fell in love with this planner and I’m excited to buy it agin next year. Thanks guys for all the help and instruction guide included because I needed it as a first timer with an ipad planner.

  8. Danielle

    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, this bundle is jsut what I’ve been looking for. I bought it to get ready for the school year for our boys and all their crazy sports games and what not and have dived into a lot of the other pages in the meantime – this planner is going to be so amazing for the upcoming school year. Try to get on their email list too because they have coupon codes you can use to save more even though I think this thing is SO worth it. Even the digital journal notepad included!!!!

  9. Julie

    LOVE THIS PLANNER! I’ve tried so many other planners, but the fact that this one has a cleaning schedule laid out for me – this is exactly what I need.

  10. Lauren

    Found this mom planner on tiktok, and I am so happy I did!! I’ve been taking my home one day at a time with the cleaning tasks scheduled in each day, and it’s made such a big difference! It’s only been maybe 3 weeks? But I can feel my daily habits are changing already – if you’re debating getting this planner, DO IT!

  11. Nicole

    After trying both the dated and undated version, I prefer the dated version. The undated planner doesn’t have any tasks put in for you (which I thought I would like so I could make my own schedule), while the dated mom planner tells you what to focus on each day. If you need some direction (like I did, but didn’t realize it), get this one! – Nicole

  12. Jen

    This planner is a BEAST – it has everything i could as for, and if there’s anything I want to add in, there’s the custom sections to add stuff in. It also doesn’t lag and the buttons and tabs all work perfectly.

  13. Rachael

    Just what I needed to revamp my life. Love the cleaning tasks on the weekly and monthly pages, the cleaning tab is also super helpful and detailed.

  14. Deena

    Tell me how I lived without this – because I can’t tell you ow that I’ve had it for a month already. So many stickers and pages – love!!

  15. Cara

    Found you guys on TikTok and knew I had to try this planner. I went ahead and signed up for the lifetime membership after purchasing because I need and want this planner year after year, it’s amazing!!!!!

  16. Helen

    Grandma Helen here, I wrote you on the Instagram page to ask about the planner and I’m not sure if you remember me from there but thank you for making such a great planner. I’m still learning my iPad and using it, but I love the cleaning schedule and the weekly pages so far. GREAT work, darlin!

  17. Lina

    Love this planner! The journaling and business tabs are my favorite, but the weekly pages are so amazing too and I love having to only focus on a few tasks a day!!

  18. Kirsten

    Best digital planner out there for moms!! I’ve gone through 3 different planner on Etsy and none of them have been as comprehensive or detailed as this one 🙂

  19. Roberta

    Beautiful planner – doesn’t take forever to load the pages and the stickers they include are perfect for us!

  20. SO amazing!!!

    love this planner, there’s a bit of a learning curve but be sure to check out the instruction booklet she includes because it actually tells you how to use it and what is clickable 🙂

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