Daily Routine Chore Chart For Kids – Editable Template Included!


A printable daily chore chart for kids that will help them remember their responsibilities and encourage healthy habits…editable template included!



Do your children need help remembering important daily chores?

This Daily Routine Chore Chare for Kids is perfect for any family!

Featuring two sections for two children, your children can easily check off each daily chore as they complete them for the week.

Chore charts for kids greatly help establish structure and encourage healthy habits.

Included in this printable bundle:

  • Blue Printable Chore Chart
  • Pink Printable Chore Chart
  • Editable Canva Template

Daily Routine Chore Chart For Kids featured image (1)

With the editable template, you can use Canva.com (a free-to-use design program online) to…

  • add your children’s names
  • customize their daily chores
  • eliminate the text completely if you prefer to write chores in (great for if chores change a lot)

You can even type a few chores for your children that you know will stay put, and leave a few spaces blank to change through the years.

To make this chore chart last, laminate your printable chore chart and use dry-erase markers.

This way you can easily wipe off your check marks at the start of the new week!

Printable Chore Chart Template – editable CANVA template included in this bundle.

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