2023 Organized Mom Planner – Digital Planning Bundle

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The #1 Digital Planner for Busy Moms!

The Organized Mom Planner has everything you need to clean, organize, budget, meal plan, and more. Professionally made, lag-free, with gorgeous helpful templates for every aspect of your busy schedule.

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Welcome to the Organized Mom Planner!

You know you’re a busy mom because you’re reading this.

We’ve all been there—you have a million things going on and the house is constantly in disarray. You try to get it together but it’s hard to stay focused on cleaning tasks when a million other things are vying for your attention.

That’s why we created this planner. With spots to schedule in your daily cleaning tasks, you can tidy your home in 15 minutes or less a day!

This digital planner will help you focus on getting your home clean, every day of the week. And once you’re done?

You can move on to organizing your schedule and keeping track of important dates, events, and activities.

The 2023 Organized Mom Planner Digital Bundle includes over 800+ pages to flip through, with hyperlinked buttons and tabs throughout for easy lag-free navigation.*

*Note: Because this is a horizontal coiled planner, the actual PDF is 400+ pages, with two planner pages showing on each PDF page (like an open book), making up over 800+ individual planner pages.

This planner is professionally made and under 20 MB with little to no lagging (this may be impacted by the space available on your device).

Lagging refers to the delay your device displays between flipping pages – some planners that are larger or not as well-made can take minutes to refresh or flip to a new page.

Here’s what you’ll get in the 2023 Digital Organized Mom Planner:

Easy Navigation With Hyperlinked Tabs and Buttons 

Jump to the page you need to by clicking on any of the hyperlinked tabs or buttons throughout this planner.

Buttons can be found within the Lifestyle tabs, on Index pages, and on the weekly and monthly views for easy navigation.

Detailed Lifestyle Tabs 

Each Lifestyle Tab is hyperlinked with Index buttons as well as buttons you can click on the pages to easily navigate to where you’d like to go in your new digital planner:

Welcome to the Organized Mom Planner – the #1 life planner for moms ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The 2023 Organized Mom Planner Digital Bundle includes over 800+ pages to flip through, with hyperlinks for easy lag-free navigation.

This home planner is professionally made and under 25 MB and is lag free (this may be impacted by the space available on your device).

Lagging refers to the delay your device displays between flipping pages – some planners that are larger or not as well-made can take minutes to refresh or flip to a new page.

We created a manageable cleaning schedule for you (watch the video above to see a quick sample of what this looks like in the planner!)

⭐️ 12 Calendar Monthly Overviews
⭐️ Weekly Overviews
⭐️ Yearly Overview
⭐️ Major U.S. Holidays
⭐️ Yearly overview with quarterly cleaning tasks
⭐️ Mini Calendars
⭐️ Cleaning tasks mapped out and scheduled in for you (daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly tasks)
⭐️ Daily overview templates
⭐️ Birthdays
⭐️ Contact
⭐️ Medication Tracker
⭐️ Medical Contacts
⭐️ Extracurriculars
⭐️ School Calendar
⭐️ School Parties
⭐️ Babysitter Information
⭐️ Petsitter Information
⭐️ Housesitter Information
⭐️ Weekly Meal Planner
⭐️ Grocery Shopping list
⭐️ Pantry Inventory List
⭐️ Fridge Inventory List
⭐️ Recipe Cards
⭐️ Monthly Grocery Budget
⭐️ Tidying Checklist
⭐️ Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Cleaning Checklists
⭐️ Chore Chart
⭐️ Master House Cleaning Checklist
⭐️ Organizing Checklists
⭐️ Cleaning Recipe Cards
⭐️ Yearly Cleaning Overview/Tasks
⭐️ Savings Tracker
⭐️ Credit Summary
⭐️ Debt Snowball
⭐️ Detailed Monthly Budgeting (one section for each month)
⭐️ Debt Tracker
⭐️ Credit Review
⭐️ Bible Study Tracker
⭐️ Self-Reflection
⭐️ God Is Teaching Me
⭐️ Verses To Study
⭐️ Bible Study Plan
⭐️ Monthly Journaling
⭐️ Memory Keeper
⭐️ Mood Tracker
⭐️ Habit Tracker
⭐️ Vision Board
⭐️ Goals and Dreams
⭐️ Brain Dump
⭐️ Password Keeper
⭐️ Expense Tracker
⭐️ Time Blocking
⭐️ Project Planning
⭐️ Monthly Action Plans
⭐️ Content Planner
⭐️ Holiday To-Dos
⭐️ Thanksgiving Plan
⭐️ Black Friday Shopping
⭐️ Cyber Monday Shopping
⭐️ Christmas Gift List
⭐️ Christmas Savings and Christmas Budget
⭐️ Christmas Plan
⭐️ Advent Activities List
⭐️ Holiday Traditions
⭐️ Baking Recipe Cards
⭐️ Christmas Card Tracker
⭐️ Birthday Party Planning
⭐️ Holiday Party Planning

Monthly Overviews

This digital mom planner is dated January 2023 – December 2023.

Each monthly view is filled in and dated for you.

Navigate with ease to each week of the month with multiple hyperlinks on the monthly page.

  • 12 dated calendar months (Jan-Dec) with hyperlinked weekly buttons so you can easily navigate to the weeks of each month

Weekly Overviews

Dated weekly overviews within each month with focus cleaning tasks for the day scheduled for you, spots to write your daily cleaning tasks, meal, motivation (great spot for digital stickers!!), and daily to-dos.

Each Weekly Page links to other week pages within the month you’re in, as well as the main month page.

Check off daily cleaning tasks to help stay on track.

Blank Custom Pages In Each Section

For future insert releases (individual pages and bundles) we release, we’ve thought ahead and included a blank page within each section for you to easily add these as they are released.

Note Pages

Planner includes additional graph paper, dotted paper, and lined paper templates for note-taking and journaling.

Custom Lifestyle Sections

Want to add even more to your planner?

We’ve included 44 additional customizable sections where you can add extra templates, inserts, doodles, stickers, and whatever else you’d like.

An Index page contains hyperlinks so you can easily navigate to each custom section.

Sticker Book

Need a spot for all of your digital stickers? Use our blank sticker book pages for easy keeping and storage.

50+ Designed Digital Stickers

Decorate your 2023 Organized Mom Planner© with color-coordinated digital stickers (GoodNotes file and PNG files included).

Stickers include common house cleaning tasks, cleaning checklists, cleaning-themed stickers, banners, sparkles, and more.

You’ll receive three formats of stickers:

  • PNGs
  • PDF
  • GoodNotes file

We also send you a monthly digital sticker bundle with 10+ digital stickers on the first of every month as long as you are a customer and stay subscribed to our e-mail newsletter. 

Premium Background

Premium white wood background included for your digital planner.

Bonuses Included

You’ll gain access to helpful video tutorial walkthroughs on how to use your digital planner and digital stickers.

Each month, we’ll release a new digital sticker pack to the Free Resource Library (password-protected for our e-mail subscribers and customers).

You’ll also get first access to new releases, a chance to beta-testing products, and more.

With your purchase, we’ll send you a PDF Instruction Guide that quickly walks you through how to use your planner, how to use hyperlinks, and where hyperlinks are located within your 800+ page planner.

If you’d like a less structured version of this planner that you can use over and over without dates, check out our Undated Organized Mom Planner Digital Bundle.

  • 2023 Organized Mom Planner (Digital)
  • Detailed Instruction Guide
  • 50+ Digital Stickers – GoodNotes File
  • 50+ Digital Stickers – PNG files with transparent backgrounds
  • Digital Sticker Subscription thru 2023
  • BONUS: Pink Digital Journal + Instruction Guide

This is a digital product – available for instant download once payment clears. Please refer to our Terms of Sale page for more information before purchasing. 

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43 reviews for 2023 Organized Mom Planner – Digital Planning Bundle

  1. Sammy

    best digital planner I’ve tried. The navigation buttons are so handy and I’m loving every page.

  2. Gabby

    This planner is amazing, found it on tiktok and decided to get it and it’s been the best thing I’ve done all year. xoxo

  3. Jessica D.

    this mom planner is so nice! I’ve bought some from Etsy before and never really felt like I was doing anything other than appeasing myself trying to FEEL organized, but this planner changed all that. The scheduled in cleaning tasks take all of the thinking away for me and tell me exactly what i need to focus my attention on each day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Emily

    I am so excited to use this in 2023!! The layout, the pages – it’s so beautifully done and doesn’t lag. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! :))

  5. Leeann

    By far my favorite digital planner, I am so thakful for the instruction guide included, too!!

  6. Kristina


  7. Candice

    I’m so done buying $2 planners on Etsy – this is what I truly needed, so glad I made this purchase.

  8. Lily

    My new mom planner is the bomb dot com – has every template I ever need, and I love that i can schedule in my own cleaning tasks with this one., The room for each day is set, so I still have a little direction to go in every day but I can set my own tasks and to-dos, which I appreciate. Planning just got a whole lot more fun with this planner! lowkey already using it for this year and just putting a sticker over the date until 2023 😉

  9. Deedee

    Love this digital planner – I’ve been so overwhelmed by other options and spent a ton of money trying to figure out one I didn’t have to ‘build’ myself with stickers – this is laid out for me completely so I just fill it in and go about my day.

  10. Shaleigh

    As a momma of 5, this planner has saved my life (well, my days, it doesn’t do cpr LOL) in so many ways!! Love the budgeting sheets because I really needed them…

  11. Jessa

    I needed this planner so bad – I’m so excited to start planning this year – the way the cleaning schedule is broken up each day makes me feel so much more focused and like I *can* do this. Great work!!!!

  12. Karine

    Nice planner – wish I could arrange the tabs myself or take out certain tabs. They have a ‘condensed’ version that lets you add in your own pages to the tabs at the top but I didn’t see that one til now and I guess there’s no refunds for digital products. Still, really nice planner. I’ll be better about reading descriptions, this is my first digital planner. So that’s why I’m giving this 4/5 stars. Thanks.

  13. Vicki

    Saw this planner on TikTok and knew I had to get it – so far it doesn’t lag and I’ve deleted a ton of other planners I’ve bought in the past because nothing comes close to this one.

  14. Tori

    Love the colors in this planner, love the pages, the tabs, the index pages, the buttons, the additional sections, the weekly view, the daily pages, the monthly pages – I can’t say ONE bad thing about it!

  15. Kendra

    the mom planner I’ve been waiting for – from the cleaning schedule to the meal planning and more – I’m so stoked to plan this year!!

  16. Kiandra

    Waking up so excited to open my iPad now with this gorgeous planner!!!!!!!! So many helpful pages – Kiandra

  17. Heather

    This mom planner is so nice, and I have to say the customer service they provide is amazing! I couldn’t find my download links and they resent them and helped me discover them in my spam folder so if anyone has issues with that check your spam folder first! 😉 this is my go-to planner forever.

  18. Renae

    Mom of 7 here – never going to another planner EVER. This one here? It’s the one you want!

  19. Stephanie

    My life has literally changed overnight thanks to this planner. I’m waking up more thankful, dedicated, inspired, intentional – this just breathed new life into my soul!!!!!

  20. Sarah

    Love my new mom planner, great work!

  21. Alexandria

    Bought this planner a month before the new year and have been SO IMPRESSED!!! The pages are so well-thought out and detailed.

  22. Jen

    LOOOOOOOOVE my new planner. This mama is happy!!

  23. Trina

    Will be buying this planner year after year. It has everything I could ask for and need as a mom.

  24. Nina

    I love this planner and the cleaning schedule! Every other planner I’ve bought has made my life seem MORE overwhelming, but this one does the opposite. I feel so much more in control of my life and my days. I wish I could give this 100 stars instead of 5. Mom of 3 approved!

  25. Cat

    I love this planner – the other one I had I had to basically build the pages up myself and it took so much work. I love that I can fill in the pages and get back to my family. It doesn’t zap the fun out of planning for a mom that doesn’t have a ton of time to give!

  26. Jill

    My FAVORITE digital planner – love the cleaning schedule included. My planner did lag at first when I downloaded it, but I had over 60,000 pictures and videos on my device, so just be aware that your device really impacts the way stuff acts within apps, including a digital planner. Now that I’ve backed up my pictures and videos and cleared some space, it functions as it should, just wanted to put that out there for anyone else that’s new to digital planning 😉

  27. Ashley

    This is the best thing I could have purchased for myself this year. With 5 (yep, FIVE) kids in sports this year and our crazy busy schedule, I knew I needed to figure out a plan and this planner has been the best answer I could have asked for. I wish I could explain the relief I get from actually getting things done and remembering everything I need to so our family can function!!!!

  28. Christine

    Every morning, I grab my coffee and my planner before the kids wake up (we have 5 amazing, beautiful little wonders), and I find such joy in these pages. Knowing my schedule and what to focus on each day gives me the drive to get things done without overloading myself. If you’re debating this, I hope my review helps sway you because it’s a truly wonderful planner. I plan on my android tablet using XODO.

  29. Katie


  30. Karen

    this planner was made for me, I wake up so excited to plan everyday now!!!!!

  31. Whitney

    EVERYTHING I needed in a planner and so much more, just now on my ipad instead of on paper :). I’ve been accomplishing more and more every day and staying focused on maintaining our house with the focus cleaning tasks they put in.

  32. Silvia

    Love the Bible study tab and the cleaning tab, been diving into the meal planning and business tab lately – it’s really comprehensive and detailed.

  33. Leah

    The cleaning schedule is the reason I bought this planner, and I love checking off each to-do within my day on my iPad!!!

  34. Anna

    this is such a marvelous planner with so many helpful pages – I love how easy it is to fill in and go about my day and know that I have my planner to keep me in check!!!!

  35. Savvy

    SO LOVING THIS PLANNER: I know this is a horizontal planner, but I use mine vertically (just zoom in on one page so it fills the screen), and it’s been so great to plan with so far. The meal planning templates have to be my favorite!!!!

  36. Rebecca

    who was I before this planner? A confused, overwhelmed MESS 🤣 – now my life is so much more organized. I truly feel like an ‘organized mom’ now, thank you!!!!

  37. Caroline

    bought this planner after seeing the pages on tiktok and i’m honestly so impressed.

  38. KC

    I use my planner the night before and get a game plan going before I wake up the next morning, and it’s been such a wonderful help! I don’t feel even half as overwhelmed as I did before, and I love knowing and actively planning what’s coming up tomorrow and for the week ahead. There’s a little bit of a learning curve if you’re new to digital planning, but it’s super easy to learn and use!!

  39. Sammie

    Best mom life planner I’ve found – I’ve deleted everything else off my Goodnotes app because it’s the only planner I love or even like now 😅😍

  40. Bridget

    i love my digital planner, i hope they never stop making these ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  41. Izzie

    Fell in love with this planner so hard I went ahead and signed up for their Lifetime Access Membership – so wonderful!!

  42. Kylie

    So glad I came across this digital planner on tiktok – it makes me look forward to waking up in the morning and planning. I am finding I get more stuff done throughout the day having a clean plan laid out for myself and holding myself accountable. 🙂

  43. Shana

    Bought this for my sister as a present for her birthday becuz she said she wanted it, and ended up on her couch messing with the pages and had to get one for myself – you can tell there’s so much detail and ideas put into this planner to make it easy for us moms, WOWWWWWWW.

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