2023 Organized Life Planner Bundle

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*NEW* 2023 ORGANIZED LIFE PLANNER – a portrait-style take on our premier digital planning bundle for Busy Moms, with over 700+ digital pages…

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Welcome to the Organized Life Planner – the #1 life planner for moms ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


2023 Organized Life Planner (Vertical / Portrait Style Layout)

The Vertical Organized Life Planner Digital Bundle includes over 730+ pages to flip through, with hyperlinks for easy lag-free navigation.

This home planner is professionally made and under 25MB and is lag free (this may be impacted by the space available on your device).

(Lagging refers to the delay your device displays between flipping pages – some planners that are larger or not as well-made can take minutes to refresh or flip to a new page.)

What’s included:
-12 Calendar Monthly Overviews (dated January through December 2023)
-Weekly Overviews
-Daily Templates
-Yearly Overview
-Medication Tracker
-Medical Contacts
-School Calendar
-School Parties
-Babysitter Information
-Petsitter Information
-Housesitter Information
-Weekly Meal Planner
-Grocery Shopping list
-Pantry Inventory List
-Fridge Inventory List
-Recipe Cards
-Baking Cards
-Monthly Grocery Budget (one of each of the 12 months)
-Decluttering Checklist (filled in and blank versions)
-Tidying Checklist (filled in and blank versions)
-Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Cleaning Checklists
-Chore Chart
-Kids Chore Ideas
-Master House Cleaning Checklist (filled in and blank versions)
-Organizing Checklists and Drawing Pages
-Cleaning Recipe Cards
-Yearly Cleaning Overview/Tasks
-Savings Tracker
-Credit Summary
-Debt Snowball
-Detailed Monthly Budgeting (5 pages for each month)
-Debt Tracker
-Credit Review
-Bible Study Tracker
-Prayer Journal
-God Is Teaching Me
-Verses To Study
-Bible Study Plan
-Monthly Journaling
-Memory Keeper
-Mood Tracker
-Habit Tracker
-Vision Board
-Goals and Dreams
-Brain Dump
-Password Keeper
-Expense Tracker
-Time Blocking
-Launch Dates
-Content Planner
-Blog Post Ideas
-Blog Post Schedule
-Blog Post Planner
-Newsletter Ideas
-Ideal Customer + Reader
-Goals By the Month
-Quarterly Goals
-5-Year Plan
-Project Planning
-Monthly Action Plans
-Content Planner
-Holiday To-Dos
-Thanksgiving Plan
-Black Friday Shopping
-Cyber Monday Shopping
-Christmas Gift List
-Christmas Savings and Christmas Budget
-Christmas Plan
-Advent Activities List
-Holiday Traditions
-Baking Recipe Cards
-Christmas Card Tracker
-Birthday Party Planning
-Holiday Party Planning

Each page, button, and tab is hyperlinked and lag-free – making this life planner super easy to navigate.

Vertical layout / Portrait layout planner.

Custom pages are included at end of each lifestyle tab to incorporate additional templates, notes, or other pages.

Additional 12 sections are included as well that you can label and use to add in extra templates, inserts, and pages.

Each lifestyle tab has an index page with buttons to help you navigate to the template you would like to use.

You will receive a PDF Instruction Guide detailing how to use your digital life planner, what is hyperlinked (clickable), and more.

Also includes 50+ digital stickers PNGs to help you start digital planning.

If you’ve been searching for home planners to find the perfect one – this is it!

Quick Note About This Planner:

While the Original 2023 Organized Mom Planner (horizontal layout) boasts a cleaning schedule that is already filled in for you, this planner gives you the freedom to schedule your cleaning tasks as you like!

If you prefer to have our cleaning schedule in your 2023 planner, we recommend the 2023 Organized Mom Planner (Horizontal Layout). 


Pink Digital Journal with 22 Hyperlinked Tabs included in your purchase.

  • 2023 Organized Life Planner (Digital)
  • Detailed Instruction Guide
  • 50+ Digital Stickers – GoodNotes File
  • 50+ Digital Stickers – PNG files with transparent backgrounds
  • Digital Sticker Subscription thru 2023

*This is a digital product – available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD. Have questions before you purchase? E-mail us at hello @ slayathomeplanners.com. 

22 reviews for 2023 Organized Life Planner Bundle

  1. Amy

    OMG love this layout for the mom planner! Had the horizontal version and loved it and now I think this one is my favorite. Doesn’t lag and the templates are just so pretty and polished!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hannah

    I am partial to portrait style planners so this was an easy purchase for me – so happy with the way it is set up and the fact that everything is color coordinated. Used her discount code from instagram to save and am so excited to use this planner for the new year. Already diving into the meal planning section!

  3. Whitney

    This planner is so much more than I thought it was going to be – it’s stunning. Especially the business section of templates, wowwwww.

    Best planner I’ve ever owned.

  4. Ashley

    Tell me why I’ve had to own SEVEN different digital planners before getting this one and falling in love 🤣😍 I’m extremely happy with my purchase, if you’re debating it because of the cost, don’t, it’s worth every penny!

  5. Nikki

    5-stars, guys. It doesn’t lag, the pages are detailed, it’s easy to navigate, and has over 700 pages. I love the holiday planning and cleaning pages the most!

  6. Jessica F.

    I’m a blogger and this planner has a bunch of helpful templates and pages for us bloggers!!!
    BEST IPAD PLANNER EVER, haha. Thank you!

  7. Sarah

    I’ve bought the horizontal version in the past and while I loved the cleaning shedule that was mapped out in that dated version, I think I love this layout more! And I can schedule in my own cleaning tasks in this one 😉

  8. Jileen

    Never buying another planner again!! I mean, I will once the new dated ones get released, but yeah – never switching from this brand!

  9. Daniela

    I am in love with the cleaning and bible study templates, so well thought out and out together. love the included monthly digital sticker bundles so far, too ..

  10. Gina

    My new fav planner – best purchase of the year and it hasn’t even started LOL 🙂

  11. Kayla

    Okay I wanted to write this as a content creator and a blogger – the pages in the business section are incredible. Never going to another planner – this is it for me.

  12. Chantel

    I like how there’s so many navigation buttons, the planner doesn’t drag on when you flip the pages or click something, and my schedule seems so much more manageable now.

  13. Audrey

    ADORE this life planner!

  14. Desiree

    BEST LIFE PLANNER I’VE EVER BOUGHT. I have used a ton of digital planners, just FYI. And this one takes the cake!!!

  15. Lacey

    This is the planner of my dreams. It’s like they read my freakin’ mind…

  16. Kathy

    Best digital planner experience with buying this planner. I was so nervous about using a digital planner and learning all the new techy stuff with my iPad but I’m happy to report that I’m planning like a pro now. Thank you!!

  17. Angie

    This Organized Life Planner is soooooo nice! Both me and my sister bought one, and I’m a mom and she isn’t, and we both love the planner pages!!

  18. Mama Of Triplets (You Read That Right!)

    As a mom of three (triplets, to be exact 😅👶 👶 👶), I needed a planner that would help me manage everything from my business to my everyday life. Appointments, extracurriculars, journaling, etc. This planner exceeded all of my expectations ad the design is so simple but beautiful. If you have a busy schedule and love to use your ipad, I recommend 🙂

  19. Ashley

    Love this planner – great job on the pages. The weekly and daily pages are probably my favorite.

  20. Yasmine

    This planner is a must have. I can’t get over the design of the pages – gorgeous!!!!!!

  21. Carrie

    This planner is amazing! Using it on my phone and I’m finding the portrait pages really easy to use and see on my phone.

  22. S.M.

    I really wanted to try this digital planner but didn’t really know how to plan on my ipad – the instruction guide that comes with this planner is so helpful, and i love the stickers. a little learning curve, as with anything new or technology-related, but i’m so glad i made the purchase!!

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