Clean Your Home in 15 Minutes A Day.


organized mom planner july through june

The Ultimate Mom Planner for Busy Moms like YOU.

#1 Best-Selling Mom Planner

The Organized Mom Planner© is the perfect way to get your life in order.

This planner has everything you need to stay on top of your busy schedule, from meal planning and cleaning your house to budgeting and tracking business expenses.

Leave the Mom Guilt behind...

Are you a busy mom who is looking for more organization in your life?

Now, you can keep all of your tasks, appointments, and chores in one convenient place.

The Organized Mom Planner© offers a wide variety of tools and templates to help make your life easier.

Lag-free, professionally made, designed by a busy mom for busy moms.

organized mom planner from

Get your life in order and get sh*t done again.

If you've thought, "I'm so busy that I don't know where to start each day..."

Then you NEED the Organized Mom Planner©

Feel what it feels like to have your life together again with this gorgeous, lag-free, professionally designed digital planner for your iPad or Android tablet device.

You've got this. We're here to help.

What You'll Love About the Organized Mom Planner©:

BUDGET-FRIENDLY - Compare our premium designed planners to paper-printed planners that are double the cost! No pens, markers, stickers, or other supplies needed that need to be replaced frequently - just your trusty tablet and a stylus (or your finger!)
PROFESSIONALLY-MADE - Our Digital Planners are professionally made with images with crisp edges, hyperlinked tabs and buttons for easy navigation, lag-free, and a file size of under 25 MB.
DETAIL-ORIENTED - With checklists and thoroughly detailed templates you can use throughout the year, our digital planners think of the planning for you - all you need to do is open your tablet and start jotting.
COMPATIBLE ACROSS MULTIPLE APPS - While we recommend using GoodNotes 5 for your digital planners, we're happy to mention that you can also use the free apps Notability or Xodo (Android) and more for even more savings! Woohoo!!
50+ DIGITAL STICKERS INCLUDED - With each digital planner purchase, you receive a special digital sticker bundle, containing over 50 hand-drawn custom stickers.
FIRST ACCESS TO NEW STICKER BUNDLES - As a loyal Slay At Home Planners digital planner owner and customer, you'll be the first to know about new digital sticker bundle releases and have exclusive access to discounts on future planners and bundles. You'll also be among those who may be chosen to help beta-test new planners or products before they're released!
five star review

"Best digital planner out there for moms!! I've gone through 3 different planner on Etsy and none of them have been as comprehensive or detailed as this one :)" 


five star review

"Found this mom planner on tiktok, and I am so happy I did!! I've been taking my home one day at a time with the cleaning tasks scheduled in each day, and it's made such a big difference! It's only been maybe 3 weeks? But I can feel my daily habits are changing already - if you're debating getting this planner, DO IT!"

 - Lauren

five star review

"This planner is a BEAST - it has everything i could as for, and if there's anything I want to add in, there's the custom sections to add stuff in. It also doesn't lag and the buttons and tabs all work perfectly." 

- Jen

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Organized Mom Planner
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Organized Mom Planner
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- Digital Sticker Bundle

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