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  • BUDGET-FRIENDLY – Compare our premium-designed planners to paper-printed planners that are double the cost! No pens, markers, stickers, or other supplies needed that need to be replaced frequently – just your trusty tablet and a stylus (or your finger!)
  • PROFESSIONALLY MADE – Our Digital Planners are professionally made with images with crisp edges, hyperlinked tabs and buttons for easy navigation, lag-free, and a file size of under 25 MB to save you space on your device.
  • Beat Mom Burnout, Slay Homemaking, Budget Better, and Organize your Life – FINALLY.
  • COMPATIBLE ACROSS MULTIPLE APPS – While we recommend using GoodNotes 5 for your digital planners, we’re happy to mention that you can also use the free apps Notability or Xodo (Android) and more for even more savings!
  • TEMPLATES DESIGNED FOR BUSY MOMS – You’ll appreciate the thought we’ve put into these planners to help you manage your schedule, family obligations, work tasks, daily time management, Bible Study, establishing and maintaining a realistic cleaning routine, journaling, budgeting, holiday planning, and meal planning.
  • 400+ DIGITAL STICKERS INCLUDED – With each digital planner purchase, you receive a special digital sticker bundle, containing over 50+ custom stickers that are color-coordinated to match your planner. With the 2022 Black Friday Sale, you’ll also receive an additional 391 PNG stickers to help build your sticker collection.
  • FREE MONTHLY MINI STICKER BUNDLES – Each month our loyal customers receive a mini bundle of digital stickers and widgets to use in their planner, sent directly to your e-mail.
  • BETA-TESTING PROGRAM – Each year, we select a small pool of loyal customers to help us beta-test new products (including digital planners!).
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“Tell me why I’ve had to own SEVEN different digital planners before getting this one and falling in love – I’m extremely happy with my purchase, if you’re debating it because of the cost, don’t, it’s worth every penny!”
Organized Life Planner
“this mom planner is so nice! I’ve bought some from Etsy before and never really felt like I was doing anything other than appeasing myself trying to FEEL organized, but this planner changed all that. The scheduled in cleaning tasks take all of the thinking away for me and tell me exactly what i need to focus my attention on each day!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jessica D.
2023 Organized Mom Planner
“This subscription is so amazing! Before I was spending up to $20 a month on stickers for this random planner from Etsy and was wasting so much money, my husband was getting really irritated. Digital stickers are kind of addicting, you know? But this subscription has helped me save money while helping me make my planner more functional and pretty!!!
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